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WHO IS AGAPI? Agapi is the Swedish boat and lifestyle company making waves worldwide meeting the emerging demand of more modern boating solutions. This is done through introducing a new kind of boat in the premium segment and adding a family of services enabling new ways of using and owning the boat never seen before. Agapi’s business model is built on the implementation of an international boating community, Agapi Centers and a mix of traditional sales of boats, sales of services and Club memberships. Agapi is now actively looking for new partners who want to take part of an exciting journey where one of the strengths lies within the network. The stronger Agapi can create a network of think-a-likes, the stronger each partner becomes. A FAMILY OF AWARD-WINNING BOATS The base for a successful concept is the core product, the actual boat. Agapi introduces a new kind of award winning boats that combine the outstanding features of RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boats), boats with the best of traditional family and performance cruisers with a unique combination of flexibility and qualities. To compare it to the SUV phenomenon in the car industry is not too far fetched. Stylish, versatile, sporty and potent cross country vehicles. This segment is today the car industry’s fastest growing and most strategically important segment. Agapi is the modern and stylish SUV of the sea and we wish to create a new segment among premium boats. This is important to bear in mind when comparing Agapi with others. Our vision is to become Tesla Model-X (their newly released SUV) at sea, where performance is not compromised using Epower. To achieve this, weight is crucial and this is one of our strengths and core focus areas. Assuming BMW/Audi will follow- suit, we do not only want to be perceived the same as these two brands in terms of quality and brand perception, but we are also looking at the same customer segment. The biggest advantage and the reason why we choose to develop the RIB into a family oriented performance cruiser is the unmatched flexibility and versatility our boats offer. We dare to claim no other boat is even close to the mix of qualities and application areas as an Agapi. This is why this boat is the perfect choice for the concept we want to implement.
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