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ARCTIC Commuter 25
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ARCTIC Commuter 35
Svalbard... 2008 on Askeladden Commuter 805 has been successfully implemented an expedition to the Svalbard archipelago. "Askeladden Commuter 8 oppleves som en trygg og solid farkost. Den passer spesielt godt til lange vestlandsfjorder og allsidig innaskjærs bruk ved kysten. To voksne kan godt dra på langtur i denne."
Generation ll Complete restyling in 2014: new system of body rigidity, new stringers. Additional bed. Several types of furniture and decoration. The new color and design course. Cutting height is increased and became more room. New engines.
Commuter 11 Technically complex and costly project, which is unparalleled in the market, had to create a new niche for all-weather boats - technologically modern and comfortable boats seaworthy superior-class. The goals were set very ambitious, and investment has been enormous. In January 2009, in Oslo, the presentation of the new vessel. At that time it was probably the most advanced boat in the segment "sea of SUVs."

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Sunreef Yachts is the leading designer and builder of luxury sailing and power catamarans and superyachts from 60 to 200 feet in the world. Each custom-made yacht is designed in great detail for the most demanding customers and delivers the best in comfort, style and safety. Every yacht boasts high-performance sailing, luxurious accommodation, expansive living spaces, and extravagant and innovative design features.
As a young and responsible company, shipyard Sunreef Yachts is constantly looking for new and improved solutions to implement his philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility in real life. One such improvement is the eco-friendly way of yacht construction. Over the past few years, Sunreef Yachts shipyard has made every effort to reduce the environmental impacts of construction and operation of their boats.
In order to ensure the highest quality product, the production process was organized in such a way as to limit the potential to participate subcontractors. The concentration of all departments and experts in one place provides the possibility of direct control over each successive stage of production, increases efficiency and accelerates the response to possible changes in the project. At the same time, continuous monitoring and the availability of design and engineering office facilitates the ability to timely update and decision-making in the event of the need to introduce modifications and amendments. This feature has a great effect on the rate of production yachts, facilitating the process of quality control at every stage of production. Since 2009, the shipyard is working on the principle of Lean Manufacturing, so that besides improving the quality of production at every stage, constantly reduced loss of time and materials. It should be added that the designers and engineers Sunreef take into account the comments of customers and teams catamarans, that have been lowered to the water, so every next boat even more perfect and practical than the previous one.
As for the construction materials, the shipyard Sunreef Yachts - one of the few in the world where boats are semi-custom type using epoxy resin and carbon fiber (carbon) by vacuum infusion, entered into production in 2007. For the design of yachts such as custom, the shipyard offers a choice - aluminum or composite materials. The final decision, as always, for the client.
All yachts Sunreef certified CE, MCA and Bureau Veritas, which is an indicator of quality for private and commercial yachts in the world. The creative spark and driving force of the Sunreef Yachts shipyard is Francis Lapp the companys Founder and CEO. Born in France in 1958 Francis Lapp began his business activity in the domains of electric power and construction. After occupying managerial positions in the industrys major companies he endeavored to found his own. An avid rally enthusiast, he visited Poland for the first time to take part in a race held by Warsaws Automobile Club. Having discovered Polands immense development potential throughout the 1990s he chose to establish his business there and soon became a successful manufacturer of electrical equipment for some of the biggest global brands, soon expanding to providing services including the design and installation of electrical, sanitary and air conditioning systems for large industrial facilities. Poland is also where Francis Lapp developed a vivid interest for sailing, having discovered the world of small racing catamarans. This experience encouraged him to buy his first, larger cruising catamaran which he based in Madagascar. With the purchase of more similar yachts he opened a travel agency, specializing in charters on the Indian Ocean. The company grew quickly as clients demanded more comfortable and larger catamarans. While trying to source such boats, he discovered there were no suitable yachts available on the market. This inspired him to get involved in building large, customized, luxury multihulls. This is how Sunreef Yachts was born. Starting a new business and a lifelong adventure with yachting, Francis Lapp opened a shipyard in Gdansk - a city with long traditions in naval construction and the most skilled workforce. With the launch of the worlds first 74ft luxury oceangoing catamaran with a flybridge in 2003 Sunreef Yachts started a new era in the history of yachting and sparked a change in the philosophy of multihull design. Today, over 90 Sunreef Yachts both sailing and power, are cruising worldwide and spreading the unique Sunreef touch around the globe. The company is now the world leader in the design and construction of large, customized luxury catamarans, exhibiting at the most important yacht shows including Cannes, Monaco, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Dubai, Qatar or Singapore.
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